Research for a business comes in many forms and for my own startup journey, research was broken down into two categories:

  1. Research for my business idea
  2. Research on running a business.

With the former, I did a quick Google Search and came across this article.  It’s a great start for anybody who has a business idea and wants to know the steps in exploring that business idea a little further.

Since I had my doubts on becoming an entrepreneur (after 10+ years of a career in Training), I thought I would read some books on running a business.  All my life, it was my sister who was the bookworm but for me, it would take me over a year to finish one book!  When I started researching on running a business, I realised that I had found my calling, as I read 8 different business books in the space of a couple of months!

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is my favourite book for business and personal development and a book that I have read over and over again.  Up until I read the book, I hadn’t realised that I had been winning friends and influencing people my entire life, so it was a great comfort to know that perhaps the lessons I had learned in my previous career and how I had conducted myself in meetings, conferences, training course deliveries and exhibitions, would put me in good stead for my fledgling startup business!

I started my MayKing Tea business in London and after 6 months of running it there, my partner at the time had an opportunity to relocate to Australia and I followed suit.  After several months of relaunching my business in Australia, I was invited to speak as part of International Women’s Day, on how I started my business in Australia.  I decided to model my talk on my favourite book weaving in Dale Carnegie’s lessons into my top 10 tips for MayKing Friends and Influencing People.

My Top 10 Tips on MayKing Friends and                                        Influencing People

You can find my presentation (and others on tea and business) on SlideShare.

I shall end this post with this great find.  It turns out that How to Win Friends and Influence People is Warren Buffet‘s favourite book and this article summarises the key lessons to be learned.  Therefore if you’re not much of a book reader, then I do suggest you read this article in the very least.  Read the post and do your best to implement its lessons when you go to your next networking event; when you order your coffee (or tea) to go; or at the next party you’re invited to.

What is your favourite book for business?  Do you have a book review that you’d like to share with my readers?  Feel free to comment below, tweet me or drop me an email.  Thanks for listening.


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